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Pesky Visual Studio 2005 folder inside My Documents?
Here's how to get rid of it.

Revised 20.FEB.08

Here is a tweak to stop VSX and the MSDN Library from creating the "Visual Studio 2005" folder inside "My Documents". This hack has been tested under Windows 2000 and XP, but only on the Express Edition of Visual C# 2005. However, because VCSX 2005, VBExpress 2005 and VS 2005 have many characteristics in commom, there's a great chance that the instructions below would work on all editions of Visual Studio. Feel free to try it.

As usual, I take no resposability for any misfortune you might bring upon your system as a result of trying this tweak. I suggest you backup the relevant Registry keys, prior to changing anything in your PC. Godspeed you, mate!

Open RegEdit and find the 2 keys below. If you cannot find them, that probably means this tweak is not compatible with your product. Sorry.


I guess that those with "VB Express 2005" have a "VBExpress" key, rather than a "VCSExpress" one. Example:


The Registry keys above have several entries in the form of "Expandable String Values" (REG_EXPAND_SZ). Among other things, those entries serve to tell VSX 2005 and the MSDN Library where you files and settings should be saved. Modifying some of those entries will keep your IDE from re-creating the pesky "Visual Studio 2005" folder. So here's what you need to do: change all REG_EXPAND_SZ values that reference your "My Documents" folder. Do not mess with the "sub-keys" of either "MSDN\8.0" or "VCSExpress\8.0".

Here are a couple of examples of "Expandable String Values" you will need to modify inside the "VCSExpress\8.0" key:

C:\Docs and Settings\My Docs\Templates\ItemTemplates

C:\Docs and Settings\My Docs\

Note that some of those REG_EXPAND_SZ values have paths that end with a backslash ("\"). When entering your customized paths, you have to keep the ending backslashes in all those (and only those) REG_EXPAND_SZ values that use them. This looks like a minute detail, but it is of paramount importance. Don't try to play the smarty-pants by ending all paths with a "\", because that would backfire on you...believe me. ;-P   I'd really like to stress this: some paths cannot end with a "\", whereas others must end with a "\".

So here is an example of a modified REG_EXPAND_SZ value (also from the "VCSExpress\8.0" key). Notice that my customized path points to a folder in a different partition.

E:\Development\VCSX 2005\Templates\ItemTemplates

After changing the necessary values inside the "VCSExpress\8.0" and "MSDN\8.0" keys, you can delete the "Visual Studio 2005" folder (hopefully for the last time), then open both VSX 2005 and the MSDN Library. If you did everything right, the pesky folder will not be created again.